Audio Affirmations - Collection One

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Achieve instant peace of mind with the new ThirdEyeThoughts ™ Audio Affirmations!

Are you feeling stressed, overwhelmed, anxious, lost, uncomfortable, upset, or do you just need to relax for a while? If any of this applies to you then know that these Audio Affirmations were created specifically for YOU!

Combining the power of affirmations and binaural beats we have created almost a full hour of instant relaxation and peace of mind. Once downloaded you will be able to play these Audio Affirmations on any of your devices using your favorite apps like Spotify, Apple Music, or any music player for that matter. We highly recommend using headphones when listening for the absolute best experience. To instantly release the tension and anxiety you may be feeling, download your Audio Affirmations today <3



In This Collection:

When you download these affirmations you will receive a .zip file containing the following three affirmation MP3's adding up to almost a full hour of high quality affirmation meditations!

  • Affirmations for creating self love (22min)
  • Affirmations for gratitude (21min)
  • Affirmations for relieving anxiety (15min)

What are binaural beats?

Our brainwaves change in speed based on what we’re experiencing in life. When we’re resting, our brain enters a slow Theta state. When we’re bouncing around the office completing daily tasks, our brain enters a faster Beta state. We don’t naturally have control of our brainwave states, but binaural beats can help brainwaves shift into optimal states.

Binaural beats work by playing one specific tone in one ear and a slightly different tone in the other. The difference of these sound waves cause an audio phenomenon called Beating. This sound “beating” vibrates at the same speed as the desired brainwaves. The brain takes the form of the desired brainwave state as it attempts to make up the difference in beating tones. 

What are affirmations?

Affirmations are something far greater than positive words. They’re tools we can use to reprogram our minds. They help us dream of the future we want and then guide us there.

There are several types of affirmations, all of which can be used in different ways. Affirmations can be written, spoken, and read to oneself. We think that combining these ways of using affirmations is the most powerful method to achieve what you desire.

Present / Future

When writing an affirmation you can affirm what you want to become true. One example is saying “I am happy.” By doing this, you’re stating that you’re happy, right in the present moment. This type of affirmation can be a bit confusing for some people. Particularly for those who might say “well I don’t feel happy, why would I say it?”

For this reason, we find that future tense affirmations are quite helpful. An example of this would be saying “I am becoming happy” or “Today will be a great day.” This is how you can prime yourself to expect great things in the future. Every expert, from modern neuroscientists to historical religious sages agrees that what you seek is what you will find. This practice works well because it’s easier to find reasons to be happy when you’re actively looking for them. By priming yourself to find good things in the world, you are putting yourself in the mindset to do just that.

By tapping into the energy of what you want to experience, you are also using the Law of Attraction. In case you’re unfamiliar, LOA is when you call out into the universe for things to come to you. Doing this gets you in sync with the vibration of the reality you want to be living. Tapping into that vibration primes you to move closer to the reality you called out for.

We want to make it clear that LOA is done through the art of feeling.

The key is to not just say, write, listen, or read the words, but deeply feel the meaning behind the words and let them resonate in your center as you affirm them.