Mangano Calcite Palm Stone


Mangano Calcite holds a beautiful vibration of inner peace, unconditional love, and healing energies of the heart. Governed by the Heart Chakra, Mangano Calcite is said to help heal any wounds or unresolved traumas that linger in the heartspace. It may assist us in achieving peace, especially after an emotional storm. Its rejuvenating qualities reset the heartspace and fill our auras with positive energy. 

Mangano Calcite invites us to dive deep into our wounds and learn the art of self reflection. It gently guides us into these spaces with love and unconditional acceptance for ourselves. It is said to provide us with a sense of safety and security that allows for this inward journeying.

The universe provides to us exactly what we need, when we need it. The images show the many styles of these crystals, however we cannot guarantee exactly which one you receive. When you purchase a crystal from ThirdEyeThoughts we will hand pick one to send you but at this time we are unable to to tell you exactly which one it will be.